Masuta Martial Arts International provide martial arts uniforms an equipment to martial arts schools in the UK and around the world. They needed a more versatile corporate brand identity in order to help them grow their business digitally. The challenge for this project was to simplify the way that the core values of the company were communicated by the brand mark. In this case, the 'M' for Masuta is combined with a martial arts belt. 
As a Martial Artist myself, I recognise that a key feature of life as a martial artist is progression. The new brand mark for Masuta communicates this is two ways:
1. The progression between red and black - Many martial artists begin their martial arts career with a simple red belt. As they progress, through a variety of colours, they make their way to black belt and beyond.
2. Secondly the ups and downs in the wave like shape of the 'M' connotes the winding road of a martial artists journey.
The shape of the mark also lends itself to the shape of a 'Gi' (martial arts uniform) jacket, a core product for Masuta.
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